Tuesday, November 23, 2010

little bit of this... little bit of that

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy.  I have been to Ohio a couple different times for work.  Lindsy went on a retreat a couple of weekends ago so Kennedy and I spent that weekend chillin' like villains. 

When Lindsy got home Sunday, our water heater went out.  So she had to shower at work Monday morning.  I ended up taking off pretty much the entire day, thinking I would have to buy a new unit and meet a plumber at the house to have it installed.  I called Lindsy's electrician step dad for some advice and he told me some things to look for and try.  When I connected the hose to drain the water heater, nothing happened.  So the thing was filled with sediment and I couldn't break it free or pound it out, which means I was going to have to move the whole thing filled with water.  When I opened it up, I also noticed that the insulation was soaked, so it was leaking as well, and that is why our house had smelled like cat piss for the last few days.  Well, fortunately, Lindsy's boss had an old electric heater they had replaced.  So I drove down to Nicholasville and picked it up.  I brought it back, took out the old and put in the new, completely on me own!  Ok, well, Jim talked me through the whole thing through about 20 phone calls.  Aaaaand....  I may have dropped the old tank in our bonus room and spilled it all over the floor...  but it was a minor mess and I ultimately accomplished the entire task myself and only spent about $10 bucks to do it!  Maybe I am finally living up to my name.  I am the Toolman.

Well, the next weekend, Lindsy was supposed to go on a scrapbooking retreat, but, ended up taking a different kind of retreat.  One that requires a green gown that ties in the back.  Some bowel issues during the week turned into an all out ralf-fest Thursday night.  She was up all night in the bathroom.  The next morning, I had to take her to the urgent care to get her some fluids and something to help her stop puking.  A little about my wife....  She does everything 100%.  Everything.  Even getting sick.  Once she starts puking, she will not stop until she turns herself inside out.  So, we had to do something to stop it.  When we got to the urgent care, they took her vitals and found she had pretty low blood pressure and she couldn't stand up w/o chucking again.  They called our midwife and she wanted us to go to the hospital so they could monitor the baby.  So, no fluids, no drugs.  We then had to go to labor and delivery.  They hooked her up and eventually gave her something to curb the vomit machine.  Turns out, the dehydration had caused her to have some small contractions, but the baby seemed to be doing fine.  Her midwife still wanted her to stay overnight.  So....  I went home with Kennedy so I could be awake enough to handle them both on Saturday.  I went back and picked up Lindsy the next morning and she was much better.  It took her several days to fully recover, but she was back to her hard-charging self soon.  Still, not the way envisioned our weekend going.

This past weekend, I spent all day Saturday watching Kennedy and doing yard work/cleaning.  Kennedy and I raked the backyard, which as small as it is,  you wouldn't think it would have all that much, especially since I had already raked it once.  It did.  I ended up with our lawn/leaf can packed full and ten more lawn/leaf bags. 

Here is my slave labor...
Slave Labor

She was going pretty slow, so I let her try with the leaf blower... that was a hoot!  She was blowing leaves out of the pile, but it was so funny, I didn't mind (plus the wind was blowing them out of the tree as fast as I picked them up). 
More Power!! Argh, Argh, Argh....

It wasn't all a hardcore labor camp...  She had some fun too!
Fun and Games...

So, our current trip to see Lindsy's family for Thanksgiving should offer a welcome reprieve for both of us.  We are currently pit-stopped in WV at my parental units place for the night.  Peace out.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So apparently, I can't use X-Large pictures or they get cut off....   so now you have to look at the bottom half of the last post again because you couldn't see the right half of them.