Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's been awhile

I realize it has been 5 years since I last blogged. I haven't posted since my death-defying bicycle trip that left me scarred for life. Literally. You may have actually forgotten who I am... Allow myself to introduce... myself. Life has been pretty busy over the last two months. We have had some major life events on top of vacations and work trips. Anybody who reads this probably has already read my wife's blog and knows most of the stuff that has happened, but I will try to give my spin on things. I will probably break things up into separate posts just to make reading easier, and you won't have to sit here for 2 hours reading. I guess I will go with the big elephant in the room first.

WE HAVE ANOTHER IN THE OVEN! We are at 12 weeks and Lindsy and I got to hear the heartbeat on Tuesday. There is no more beautiful sound in the world. Well, a sleeping baby is a pretty good sound too, especially after they have been crying for 4 hours. We are super excited and very relieved as well after the loss of our prior attempt this past spring. Lindsy doesn't want to know the sex of the baby until delivery. That seems a little a little crazy to me, but I can live with it. Lindsy had a litte more nausea and sickness with this pregnancy, although she has gotten past most of that. She is handling things like a trooper as always. Be sure to check her blog for pictures and updates. Hopefully we haven't completely forgotten how babies work. I am sure it will all come rushing back as soon as we hear the screaming! HA! I am sure Kennedy will be a big helper too. In true male fashion, I do not know the exact due date, just that it is early April. I think.

Well, that is the first catch-up post. I will try to post another soon, although this will be another busy week of work and travel, as we are going to this weekend NC for K's birthday. The rest of my life is consumed with studying for the Professional Engineer's Licensure Exam coming up at the end of October. It is 8 hours of pain, agony, and suffering at which I am supposed to remember every detail I learned in college, and a little more.

Stay tuned for more exciting posts. New and Improved, with pictures!

Peace Out.